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How much can you earn working as a freelance writer

Payment is one of the most important reasons you will accept or turn out a job, especially, if you have a family to look after or want to live your life and do not think about money. In this article we will take a look of how much money you can make doing what you have done in high school and college completely for free – writing papers and doing homework.

Earning money with online writing jobs – the sky is the limit!

The main advantage of a freelance writing is that nobody tells you how much or in what hours you shall work. It also saves you the few hours you will normally use to get to and from work, so you can have additional time for your job, study or hobbies. As nobody gives you the obligatory amount you shall do, you are free to decide, how much you want to work and, therefore, how much money you will make. Your “salary” will depend only on your productivity, possibility to quickly gather the material, write and revise the paper and ability to organize your time. In general, you can make from a hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

How to select a company that will bring you a lot of money?

The efficiency of your work and the amount of money you make will depend a lot on the company you work for. Here are a few important tips on how to select a writing agency.

  • Compare the rates of several companies. You will be surprised how different the prices per page are.
  • Check the requirements. Some agencies may require you to write 250 words per page, when the others will demand 300 words for the same price.
  • Ask if transaction fees are covered by the company. You can lose a lot of money if it will be covered from your salary.
  • Check the writers’ price. Make sure you inquire the price they pay to the writers, not the price the customer shall pay. You will be surprised when your payment is twice less than you expected.

Clever tips on how to make more money.

  • Work on urgent orders. The price for an order you need to do within a few hours can be twice as much as the price for several weeks.
  • Check the requirements correctly. If the price is lower than what the requirements demand – inform the website team.
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