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The Complete Guide To Internet Freelance Writing For Dummies

If you’re a skilled writer, then you’re sitting on a potential goldmine. Over the last decade or so, having fresh, original, well-written content has become incredibly important for businesses in any and every industry, causing companies to create blogs and other platforms for interesting and informative articles. Naturally, they need writers to create that content, and they’re willing to pay you for it. Internet freelance writing can be a lucrative source of secondary income, and can even become a full-time occupation that provides for a comfortable middle-class standard of living. Some of the best content writers can even make six figures a year, all without even having to change out of their pajamas.

If you’re interested in a career as a freelance writer, there’s no better time to get started than now. Whether you’re a college student or a stay-at-home mom, you can easily make money by writing articles for clients. It’s entirely online and can be done from home, making it a great choice for parents and students. Your hours are flexible, and most of the time, you get to choose when and where you work, as long as the work is completed by the time it’s due. Here are some places that you can start looking today for online writing work that pays.

  • Content mills. “Content mills” are websites that hire writers to create articles, web pages, and other content for their various clients. These sites are often maligned among established professional writers, but they’re actually a great place to get started with little to no experience. You’ll be assigned work, or be able to choose projects that are available. Rates are generally fairly low to start out, but as you write more, you can be “promoted” to a higher level that brings you higher rates.
  • Bidding sites. Sites like Odesk and Elance allow freelance professionals, including writers, to easily place bids on hundreds of projects posted by various potential clients. You can make an offer per-project or using an hourly rate for writing assignments that you’re interested in. When chosen, you’ll complete the assignment and receive your agreed-upon pay from the person who hired you.
  • Classified sites. Sites like Craigslist allow you to browse listings for jobs and gigs that are hiring good writers. These clients tend to pay fairly well, often better than the clients on bidding sites, and you’ll find many listings to which you can apply. Payment is usually handled through services like Paypal.
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