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Getting started as a freelance writer: what to avoid

Freelance writing is quickly becoming one of the more popular career options for anyone who knows how to write. The world of freelance writing is wide open as everyone who operates a website does need someone to write content, product descriptions, or blog posts. When you are getting started as a freelance writer, there are a few issues that you should try to avoid so you can be successful at this rewarding and well-paying career.

  1. Avoid the needy client. One of the most challenging aspects of working as a freelancer is learning what type of client you want to work for. There are wonderful clients who will assign a job and give you all of the details you need to complete the job. Then, there are the needy clients. These are the men and women who will contact you several times each day, want to talk to you constantly via conferencing apps, or call you over and over again. These clients become a big bother because they never give you time to actually write.

  2. Avoid the cheapskates. There are freelancers who will work for ridiculously low amounts. These freelancers lower the standards for people who can actually write. When you bid on a job, be sure that you give a realistic bid. Most clients will not pay huge amounts of money, but you should be able to make a good hourly wage getting work done.

  3. Avoid websites that make you pay large percentages. Many of the freelancer websites do get a small cut of their clients wages, but those percentages should always be under 10%. If you have to pay more than 10% for your freelance jobs, it is time to look around for a more affordable website. The percentage you pay is part of the cost of doing business. Instead of paying for expensive clothes and gas to drive to and from work, you pay for the maintenance of the website.

  4. Avoid over-scheduling. This can actually become a problem. Some freelancers will worry so much about constantly having jobs that they overschedule themselves and have difficulty getting any of their work finished on time. Learn your limits and do good work so you get repeat work from the clients you enjoy working with on their projects. If a job does come up and you really want to work on it, there is nothing wrong with contacting the client to ask how quickly the job needs to be completed. You never know if a client would wait for you to complete a job before starting their job, too.
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