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Is There Such A Thing As A Freelance Writer’s License?

Many people looking towards a career in freelancing tend to have several questions that can range from “how much the pay can be” to “how do find clients” to “how can I get a freelance writer’s license”. All of these questions are reasonable and you’re bound to find some really great answers through both online and print resources. In this article we’re going to be discussing a freelance writer’s license.

Freelance Associations

The first thing to know about this topic is that there is no freelancing writer’s license you must first acquire before doing work. Any business, online or not, that proposes that you need to first acquire certification before being allowed to work in this profession is not telling the truth. You can join several associations of freelance writers where you can get valuable sources, make connections, and get some tips on finding high paying jobs, but those aren’t at all required to go out and do your own work. You might want to get your feet wet a little before you plunge into pool full time. Then as your reputation and client base grows you can benefit from joining an association.

How to Get Started

The first thing you want to do to get started in this profession is create a captivating profile. This means coming up with a headline, uploading a picture, and providing a summary of your services. If you have content to upload into a portfolio, do so. As jobs and projects start coming in you will have more content to post demonstrating your abilities.

Jobs may be a little scarce at first and you might have to accept that you are not making as much as you expected. This is perfectly normal. Clients are more likely to pay for established freelance writer’s than they are for those who have been in the profession for just a short time. Be patient. The higher paying jobs will come as long as you keep your ratings high and continue to make proactive efforts to contact potential clients and submit proposals.

Lastly, expect one or two projects that are too large for you to handle effectively. If you take on a project because you are thinking of the high payout, even though you know that you don’t have the time or resources to complete the project as promised, it could set you back tremendously. Not only will you lose out on jobs that are more suited to your level but you’ll also burn a bridge with the high paying but unsatisfied client.

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