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Is It Possible For A Freelance Writer And Translator To Get Paid Online?

If you are a freelance writer, chances are that you currently work with a certain company that pays you a few dollars for every project you complete. Freelance writers are in-demand especially now that most students across the world are looking for people to write their papers. But is possible for such writers and even transcribers to get paid online?

The short answer is YES. But there is a lot of information behind that simple yes that you need to pay attention to. Otherwise you may never live to spend the money you work so hard for.

There are three main ways through which you can get paid online;


PayPal is arguably the biggest online payment platform in the world. Better still, this payment platform is available in close to 200 countries worldwide. From down in Australia to Europe and the USA, you can easily get paid using PayPal. The payment platform charges about two percent of the sent money and charges the recipient rather than the sender. So, if you work and earn $100, then your client will be able to send exactly the $100 but you will receive two percent less which means you will find $98 in your account.


Skrill, formerly known as Money Bookers, is, to most online writing platforms, the de facto alternative to PayPal. If a writing platform doesn’t support PayPal, then it will definitely support Skrill. Skrill also charges about two percent of the money being sent. But the difference between it and PayPal is that instead of changing the recipient, Skrill charges the sender. Both Skrill and PayPal are very easy to join and guarantee maximum security of your money.

Bank transfer

The third most popular option is bank transfer. As the name suggests, bank transfer refers to direct transfer of funds into your account. If you bank with Standard Chartered, then on the day when you are supposed to receive payment for the work done, the company with which you work will send this money directly to your bank account. Sometimes it takes a several hours or even a few days before the balance reflects in your account so you need to be patient.

There are definitely several other payment options for online writers and transcribers, as this company suggests, but the three discussed here are by far your best options.

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