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Is Freelance Writing A Good Career: A Professional View

Freelance writing can be a good career if you're willing to put in the work and the effort.

  • As a professional it is important to note that if you choose to be in the world of freelance writing you have to treat it like a career. It is true that it brings with it many benefits and a great deal more freedom and flexibility compared to a traditional job but it is still a job. Many people like to presume that working as a freelance writer force them the opportunity to be careless and reckless in both her communication and their productivity but this is far from the truth. It takes a great deal of self-discipline to work as a freelance writer. The idea of sitting at home in pajamas or working from the beach in Thailand is very appealing to many people but not everybody can visit the beach in Thailand and forced themselves to stay in the hotel room for the first few hours of the day and work on an article or to sit at home in their pajamas and avoid turning on the television or eating everything out of the fridge. Being able to sit in the comfort of your home or another comforting environment and still be productive is half of the challenge of freelance writer.
  • Another challenge is to maintain professional expectations for yourself. You need to set deadlines for yourself and rules for yourself. Just because you do not necessarily answer to a direct boss on a regular basis does not mean that you should not act in a professional manner and hold yourself accountable. As a freelance writer you have to make a conscious effort to maintain regular communication. You may work for someone on one or two occasions and they may contact you at a later date. If you are away from your computer or choosing to take a few weeks off you should try and set an automated signature or vacation auto responder to your email as a courtesy. This will help anyone who contacts you to know that you were currently out of your office wherever that maybe. If somebody contacts you asking for work or for revisions you should take it upon yourself to respond within 24 hours during the week or perhaps make it known that you were out of the office half of the week but will respond when you get back.
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