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How Can I Find Websites for Freelance Writers

Freelance writing is increasingly becoming a popular way of earning extra income and for writers to improve their skills writing across a number of industries. The internet has made it tremendously easy for freelance writers to find the jobs they’re looking for. No longer do they need to submit dozens of samples by mail to their potential clients; now they can search through hundreds of job or project postings and have a virtual portfolio sent within minutes. Here’s how to find great websites for freelance writers:

  • Finding Freelance Websites: Doing a simple online search for “freelance writers” will bring up dozens of excellent sites where writers and clients can meet up to do discuss potential writing opportunities. Some of the best sites let both writers and clients create virtual profiles to display background information, years of experience and more. Freelance writers can upload images of web content or sample documents exhibiting their content. While most sites are free to join there is usually a small fee for making a connection or finalizing a contract. But the exposure and opportunity to work with hundreds of clients is well worth the cost.

  • Freelance Networking Websites: Other great sources for writers are freelance networking sites. These websites aren’t so much to connect or finalize projects to work on, but rather a place where writers can exchange ideas, tips, trends and more. These sites are particularly useful for freelance writers who are just starting out because they can find answers to how much they should charge for their work, tools for writing great proposals, and what the latest best practices are for different types of writing (e.g., SEO, sales copy, etc.). Networking websites promote communication and relationship building, so writers who start off solo may soon find themselves working as part of a group, thus increasing their chances of landing larger and higher paying jobs.

  • Writing Resource Websites: No writer should ever go on with his or her work and not have a few writing resource websites bookmarked for easy reference. While many writers might prefer to fill their shelves with grammar books, citation books, formatting guides, and more, there’s no beating writing resource websites that contain all of this information. Resource websites will spell check, grammar check, translate, and give you formatting suggestions all with the intent of improving writers’ work. It’s easy to see why these sites are so popular and are increasingly becoming must-haves for any writer.
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