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Where To Get Freelance Writing Jobs: Practical Advice

If you are a freelance writer, then you have come to the right place to know how to find the perfect freelance writing job. While going to a regular job with a monthly income has its own assets, being freelance gives you the satisfaction of doing only the work you love. Sitting at the comfort of your home, the convenience of your time, you are free to select the work you prefer to do too.

Whether you are a copywriter, creative writer or even an editor, there are a million websites that offer well-paying, reputable freelance writing jobs. However, I do have a few tips for you to find better offers:

Go for Smaller Writing Groups

If you think that you can land a freelance job with a top-notch company, you are mistaken. It will take you more than your resume to land a huge whale with ease. Find smaller jobs boards where fewer writers get into and ones where not all writers can take up. If you do want to land one of those exclusive jobs, you will need to be more sleuthing. You might come across these companies on professional websites or in Industrial trade publications.

Make yourself available in the market:

Look out for your local paper where there are listings of local writer networking events. You will notice that it is a goldmine of information on the area. Find out networks that might pay you on the month or by the word and list up all the various companies that might suit your comfort.

Be open to larger ideas

Instead of guessing, on which company might pay you the better rate, fool around and identify the prospective companies that are likely to pay you better. You should always remember that writer job ads are never listed or advertised.

While many of the amateur job sites have basically less or no revenue, you will need to move beyond these small markets to find the more established and successful companies.

If you plan on writing for publications, get in touch with their online tech support and search their search engine for a high pay rate and see what turns up. This should be your pitch pool. National Publications with larger circulations tend to pay much better.

While writing for businesses, look up on their revenue and make sure to target larger companies. Target companies with fewer employees. Best pay comes from companies with more revenue. The longer the company has been around, the more likely that they are profitable. Bam! There’s your opportunity with the big bucks!

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