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How to Find the Highest-Paying Online Writing Jobs

Making money as a freelance writer usually starts off slow. But soon your experience starts to increase and your online reputation starts speaking on your behalf. At that point, you may start wondering how to get paid more for your writing.

You might be surprised to learn that people who hire freelance writers on a regular basis, really struggle to find good writers. Many of them are willing to pay more in order to find a decent writer and hold on to him or her. If you want to be counted among those writers, consider the following advice.

  • Embellishing your portfolio
  • By this time you must have a lot of great work under your belt. Even though you are used to applying for jobs online and sending your customers relevant examples of previous work, it’s a good idea to spend some time create a stunning online portfolio. Being able to refer clients to your portfolio will secure some fussier customers who are willing to pay a little bit more for a veteran writer.

  • Keep a personal blog
  • Something to add to your newly created online portfolio is your own personal blog. Not only will this encourage search engines to pick up your name, but your potential clients also will see that writing is more to you than just a side gig; it’s a career passion.

  • Improving yourself
  • As a writer you should never stop growing and adapting to new forms of writing. Experience in different niches is easy enough to get. In order to put yourself out there as a professional, you will need to start doing online courses in sales writing, copywriting, web writing, journalism, and any others you can find.

  • Getting references
  • References speak on your behalf better than what you ever could. Ask your clients for references and add these to your online portfolio. Clients who check you out will not hesitate to use you if others have taken the time to mention their good experiences with you.

  • Social media
  • Get yourself onto social business platforms and work on your online presence as a writer. Many an interview has been clinched through the checking out of a social business profile, even though the person was never even met in person.

  • Looking after your reputation
  • Above all, make sure you keep your customers happy. A writer’s reputation is like gold. Treat your customers with respect and don’t argue with them if they are unhappy with something. If you receive consistently good feedback from your regular customers, the high payers will eventually come flocking to hire you.

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