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How To Bid On Freelance Writing Jobs: Tips For Beginners

Many new writers begin their career on bidding sites. These websites are essentially a middle man for writers and clients. The client posts new projects and jobs. Once the job is posted, writers from around the world bid on the project and wait to be selected. Although the pay rate varies, these sites serve as valuable sources of new work for writers.

Creating a Profile and a Portfolio

The client will never meet the writer in person. Through the website, the only way they can discover the writer's skills is through the portfolio and the profile. Writers should take extra time to edit and proofread their profile. They should write about their experience, education and niche topics. In addition to building a strong profile, the writer should also create a portfolio. This portion of their profile should include samples of their best work. It will be the writer's main way to attract clients, so it must be good.

Prepare for Failure

Even the best writers will not receive every project that they bid on. The client may want a specific writing style, education level or budget. Writers must take rejection in stride. If the writer is constantly rejected for new projects, they should reevaluate their profile, portfolio and proposal. The writer should treat bidding like a numbers game. They will receive a certain percentage of the projects that they bid on, so the writer should apply for as many projects as possible.

Deliver on Deadlines

The easiest way to get work is through a returning client. With a returning client, the writer already knows what to expect and how to do the job. This makes it easier to set a pay rate and speeds up the project. To get a client to return again, the writer should always stick to their deadlines. Clients need their projects completed in a set time frame. If the writer cannot meet this deadline, they will not be hired again.

Attach Samples

When submitting the proposal, the freelance writer should always attach a sample. If the project is in a scientific niche, the sample should also be in the same subject area. Even if the writer has a portfolio on their profile, they should still give the client a sample. The portfolio may have a different style of writing or subject area, so it may not fit the client's expectations. Likewise, some clients will not actually look through the portfolio. They are far more likely to see the sample that the writer submits.

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