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A guide to finding freelance writing jobs online

Freelance writing jobs are all over the Internet. If you are looking for a way to make extra money or if you are dedicated to making freelancing into a career, you will certainly not run out of opportunities. From essay writing websites designed to help students get their work done to immensely large freelancing websites, the opportunities for freelance writing continue to grow. Here is a little help to get you started:

  • Investigate the freelance writing companies. Most of the companies do not charge you to create an account, but they do charge a transaction fee when you complete work and get paid. Think of this fee as a “cost of doing business” charge, as if you were paying for the commute and for work clothes. It is easy to compare the fees that the companies charge so you can pick the company that will be the best option for you. The larger the company, the more job openings you will find. You will also be more likely to actually get a job if you work for a large company.

  • Create an account and build a profile. In order to get hired, you must have an account and complete profile. You will need to include a resume of your education and work history. You will also want to upload your favorite writing pieces so your future clients can see your capabilities. Your profile will also include your reputation based on feedback from your clients, so be sure to deliver on your promises.

  • Learn to write flawless proposals. If you want to get a freelance job, you will need to show interest in the position. You write a proposal to show your potential client what you are capable of doing and why you are the best person for the job. Write the proposal so it is free of any errors so the client sees you are serious and you understand the rules of writing. Many of the freelance websites do have tutorials for navigating the site, writing proposals, and creating profiles, so you are not completely on your own.

  • Join a group. There are several small groups that will work together to freelance write. If you look at the freelancers on the websites, look for groups or small companies that are actively working on the websites. Communicate with the people on the group and see if they would be willing to send some work your way. You will not make as much money this way, but you will also not have to complete proposals.
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