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I Want to Be a Good Freelance Essay Writer 

A good essay writer is usually someone who is good at English and excels at writing. Being an essay writer isn’t usually something one decides to do out of the blue. It tends to be something someone is good at which leads them to a career. Being an essay writer can be difficult for a lot of people who don’t have the proper background or skill set to do so. So what are some of the things needed to be a good essay writer?

  • Good English skills
  • The ability to do research
  • The ability to follow a specific format
  • A love of writing on various topics
  • Good English Skills
  • A writer needs to be very familiar with the rules of grammar. Any good essay is a grammatically correct essay. English is a huge part of writing itself. Being good at it already gives you a leg up at the job and makes you a more likely candidate.

  • Research
  • Research is a large part of essay writing. A good amount of essays are on topics that need extensive research. If research bores you or you are not good at doing it then this may not be the kind of writing for you. If you excel at researching and retaining what you learned to write about, than you are one step closer.

  • Format
  • A lot of essays are required to be done in a very specific format. If formatting is not something that you excel at then maybe you would rather be an article writer where there are less formatting and specific rules for where to put what. If formatting is your strong suit, than you might be a good essay writer.

  • A Love of Writing
  • If you don’t truly love to write then every day of work will be tedious for you. True essay writers love the act of writing and that feeling of accomplishment that you get once you have finished writing about something important. Every essay will also have a different topic so you have to be able to write about things that you know nothing about as well. The research will help but if you are only really good at writing on specific topics then the myriad of topics given in this field may hinder your performance.

Now that you know what it takes to be a good essay writer you can decide if you can do it. If it is not right for you then so be it, but if it is then go out there and search for jobs to write essays. If it makes you happy, than you will enjoy your work, and that is a gift.

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