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Looking For Excellent Freelance Content Writing Opportunities

If you have the flair for writing, there are definitely lots of excellent freelance content writing opportunities to keep you busy and your account balance higher. Whether you are a beginner or not, you can always find well-paid writing gigs. The take is on knowing where to search for good opportunities and where not to search. A lot of negative things have been written concerning virtual workers’ sites but at this internet age, you should take certain publications with just a “pinch” of salt. This said, let us analyze how you can look for and get excellent writing gigs from virtual workers’ sites, also known as “content mills”.

How it works:

  • Step 1: A client who needs a freelance writer to carry out certain writing tasks posts his or her job on any of these virtual workers’ sites.
  • Step 2: Details of the job requirements are stipulated in the job posting. This includes qualification desired, duration of the project, budget for the total project etc.
  • Step 3: The job is published on the writing section of the site, visible to all freelancers subscribed to the same category.
  • Step 4: Freelancers submit their proposals, with varying amounts being proposed for the completion of the project. Freelance writers who know their worth propose reasonable amounts and time duration while some propose to complete the tasks for a few pennies and unrealistic submission timeline.
  • Step 5: The client then chooses one or more freelancers, depending on the scope of the work. Should you be among the lucky ones whose bids or proposals were chosen, congratulations.
  • Step 6: A terms of agreement is issued and if you are comfortable with the terms and agree, the client funds escrow for the project. This can be the total amount agreed for the project or by milestones for each specific number of content written and submitted.
  • Step 7: Project is completed and submitted to client. He or she goes through it and if the content is in order, the escrowed funds are released to you. As the job is marked “complete”, the client leaves a rating for you. This rating means so much because that is what determines how much work you get and the number of invitations you receive to submit proposals on freelance writing projects.

To make sure you keep working on well-paid writing jobs, always offer your clients exceptional writing services, free of errors and plagiarism. If you continue to do this, you will be able to maintain a good list of permanent clients. You no longer have to go looking for them – they come looking for you instead.

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