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Where To Search For Good SEO Freelance Writing Jobs

There’s really no doubt about it – online is probably the very best place to get writing jobs for freelancers no matter what their specialty is. For SEO writers, this is even truer! Where else but online do people search for SEO information? This is the hub of everything related to search engines and search engine optimisation. So it makes sense to begin your search with some of the popular blogs talking about this topic.

Read through a few blogs and see how often they post. Most blog owners are too busy to post every day or even once a week. They often hire writers to post for them, kind of like ghostwriters. As a freelancer you would be writing content they ask for, using keywords they want to rank for, and then they buy the written piece from you and they put their name on it and publish it on their blog.

This can be quite a profitable exchange, actually. Especially if you can get hired on a long-term contract or you can get hired on by several different blog owners. The other option you have is to look for online writing companies frequented by marketers who want content in this field. You make a profile at that agency and when SEO writing jobs become available you compete for them against other writers who are there trying to do the same thing.

Some pointers to landing a good online writing job

  • Get your name out there so people start recognizing you as a good writer
  • Make sure you have a complete profile at any writing company you are signed up with
  • Make a good portfolio which shows some of your best work, and a variety of what you can do related to your specialty.
  • Be patient. It may take a little time at the beginning to gain some traction but once writing jobs start coming in and clients can see your skills, you have greater chances of being re-hired in the future

You can also check out some of the many writer’s forums and hangout sites. While you are there you will meet other writers who have started out just like you are right now. You can gain a lot of useful hints and tips from them for where some good writing jobs are located and how to land a client successfully.

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