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Freelance Essay Writing is a Great Profession

Most markets and businesses need writers. If you are good at writing and research, you may want to consider writing freelance either part-time or full time. There are a number of benefits to freelance writing.

  • Work from Home
  • As a freelance writer you can work from home. Additionally you can work as many or as few hours as you wish to work.

  • Job Opportunities
  • The best way to find work would be at a freelance site. At a freelance site you can bid on the jobs that interest you and that you feel comfortable writing. When you start, your bids may need to be low, so you can get jobs. You will eventually want to have sample work.

  • Bidding on Work
  • When you bid on a job, you give the client a price and a time in which you will finish the job. The client will compare your bid to the bids of other writers and then pick his or her writer. Never bid on a job you are not qualified for or that you cannot finish by the deadline. Always be very professional with your customers.

  • Sample Work
  • When you bid on a job, you will also send writing samples. There are many types of writing, so send the sample that best suits the job.

  • Types of Writing
  • There are many types of writing. You could write resumes, SEO, for websites, product descriptions, academic writing, poetry, short stories, curriculums, project management plans, white papers, and many other styles. Additionally, you may be asked to edit or to proof writing.

  • Original Work
  • Even when your writing includes research, that research needs to be in your words. If your client wants you to cite the work, find out if he or she wants APA or MLA citations. Make sure all of the work is in your words and very original. Most clients will use a tool to check that your work is original.

  • Repeat Clients
  • If you are lucky, you will have return clients that will use your service often. This will provide a nice income. If you build up enough return clients, then you will spend less time looking for work and more time actually writing and making money.

Freelance writing is a great career. You get to write about different topics as much as you want and when you want, all from you home.

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