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Searching for the Best Freelance Jobs for Writers

  A good start to this article would be to describe what a freelance writer is. A freelance writer is a writer who works for his or her self. They loan their expertise out to clients who need things written. They tend to work on a case by case basis but can work for one client long term. They even get to choose the jobs that they take and the ones that they don’t. They have a lot of options for work now that the internet is everywhere and for everyone and good writers are in demand. The question then becomes, how do you get a freelance writing job?

Where to find freelance writing jobs

  • Online
  • Classifieds
  • Agencies


There are many online sites now that act as a middle man. They match up writers with people who need writers. Every site does it differently. Some sites require you to fill out detailed profiles and be chosen by the client. Other sites allow you to apply to any of hundreds of jobs and bid for them. There are even some sites for writers that allow you to take a test where once you pass the test you are in and get work on a fist come first serve basis. All of these different sites can be a real help for finding freelance writing work.


Some people who need writers advertise in classified ads in newspapers and magazines and other mediums. You can go through the ads and call the clients up. There is less work found this way but the jobs can be just as good. You can be interviewed over the phone and like some sites, they may require references or even samples of previous writing work so you may want to start writing some pieces for your proposal folder.


There are even match making agencies that match writers with clients. You can search for them online or find out about them in other ways. They can get to know you, your writing style and the kind of work you prefer so that they can match you with the right clients. It is a bit like what temp agencies do except more specific. You can even use temp agencies for writing work.

There are a lot of different ways to find freelance writing work. Getting started can be hard because everyone wants references from previous jobs but sites that don’t ask for them are a great start. Then you have something to put on your resume for your next job!

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