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Freelance writer jobs - how to join the writing community

There are a number of ways a freelance writer who is looking for work can get into the writing community. There are many agencies which act as a go-between with clients who have a writing job and freelance writers who are looking for work. In nearly every case, it doesn't cost you anything to join one of these agencies. Most of them don't discriminate between beginner freelance writers and those who have a ton of experience.

Some of the freelance writing agencies operate with add-on costs. In other words it costs you nothing to join and be a basic member but if you want an upgraded membership then you have to pay. It depends if you feel you need this upgraded membership. One of the basic upgrades involves the number of jobs you can apply for. Your basic membership allows you to apply for say 20 or 30 jobs a month but if you want to apply for 50 or 60 jobs a month, you then need to pay a small monthly fee.

The reason why people pay for the upgraded membership is because they figure that the more jobs they apply for the more likely they are to get some work. That's something for you to think about but certainly you can get into the writing community, you can join a writing agency and for no cost.

There are blogs for writers

I guess there are two important aspects in the life of a freelance writer. They want to know the pros and cons of the freelance writing world. They want to know where job opportunities can be found, where scams can be exposed and where they can communicate with other freelance writers.

This is where blogs for writers can be so valuable. You don't necessarily have to contribute to the blog but certainly reading what other freelance writers have to say can be a big help. If you read a heart-warming story of success with a freelance writer, that can be encouraging for you. If you learn about how a freelance writer was cheated out of their appropriate fee by an unscrupulous client, you may learn how to avoid that situation yourself. But blogs for writers are free, often helpful and a great way for you to improve your skills.

The writing community is out there and it’s often easy to be a part of it.

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