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How to get freelance writing jobs in1 week

  1. If you write eBooks or articles and want to make money online with them there are a few methods for doing this. When you work from home one of the best ways to increase your profile and writing is to have great marketing. Writing high quality content is only half of the battle. You also need to know where to publish your content and how to draw attention to it.

  2. If you write a great new creative fiction ebook you need to draw attention to its publication with a sales letter or a press release as well as through information on a youtube channel or social networking profiles.

  3. If you are working as a freelance writer you need to make yourself stand out. You can do this by working with a few of the most prominent online freelancing sites. You can sell your previously written articles here and gain a reputation by working with new clients.

The first is to market your skills through a site wherein you join and take on jobs as they come. You can search jobs that focus on your niche or interest or you can write on a wide variety of topics. In this scenario you have to create a profile which showcases your background and skills. You then pay for a certain number of “connects” or points or bids which allow you to bid on available jobs in your area of expertise. To place a bid, one reviews the content about the job, then explains why they would be best for this position, what skills they offer, and then they set how much they would like to make for these jobs, and when they can complete the job. There is also a section to attach previous work as examples which encourage selection to make easy money. Once the client reviews these offers and selects a winner, they award the job and the freelancer and client work agree to the terms and conditions. The freelance company funds the account for the amount which was agreed upon and these funds are held in escrow by the website until the job has been completed, ensuring that you can make easy money. The top freelance site takes a small fee which is around eight percent of the total earned. After completion, the client has the opportunity to rank the freelancer and add comments about the job. This feedback is what potential future clients will review before selecting a recipient.

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