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Common problems freelance writers may face

Before setting your mind for being a full time freelancer make sure that you have prepared yourself for the challenges coming up ahead. It’s better to be prepared beforehand rather than give yourself a mini heart attack later. In this article we will mention several serious challenges faced by those who are currently working in this field.

  • Where are my clients
  • So great you were shortlisted from a great number of applicants for being a freelancer. So now you have a source of income and you feel great. But here is something that you won’t enjoy. You need to have a willing client present who wants to get there work done. You would only be paid for the task you have done and if it is up to their expectations. Competition is high in this field. There are many freelancers available and there might be a possibility that the client has a specific favorite freelancer and they always get work from them. Make sure that your work quality is outstanding so you can compete with the rest freelance workers.

  • Time
  • Freelancers usually are college or university students. For them their biggest asset is time and it is important that they use it efficiently. Distribution of time is necessary. A balance needs to be maintained so you don’t ignore your education, family, friends and your assigned task. Time is also important when you are given a deadline. If you pass the deadline then there is a deduction in your payment. Make sure you take only the amount of tasks that you can manage. If you take up more than you can do then you won’t be able to complete them on time and end up getting in bad books for the person you work with.

  • Distractions
  • This is very dangerous. Especially if you are an extrovert and love to socialize in any way you possibly can. With the great emergence and popularity of using social media and media itself it is quite easy for a person to get distracted. This is the deadliest challenge that you need to overcome

  • Procrastination
  • You get a task then just take a deep breath and get on it immediately. The quicker you get done with it the more time you would have to at your hand. Don’t have fun in the time when you are supposed to be working

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