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I Need a Freelance Essay Writer: What Should I Do First?

Whether you need freelance writer for an essay or for a project at work, they are rather easy to find. Freelance writers can be found through search engines and online classified ads, but the best places to find freelancers is through the sites where they tend to congregate: freelance job sites. The Internet is full of websites that bring freelancers and clients together because freelance work is so popular today.

  • Visit a Freelance Writing Site
  • When you begin your search for a freelance writer, you should look for a site that hosts freelancers and clients. You will need to set up an account so you can be contacted by freelancers who will want to work for you. These sites tend to work like auctions. The client sets up a job description with a budget and the freelancers will bid on the job. The client then picks the freelancer who writes the best proposal and offers the best price for the job.

  • Write a Clear Job Description
  • You will need to write a description and it is important that you write it clearly so the freelancers know what you need finished. If you are looking for someone to write an essay for a school project, you should not include this in the post. Most of the freelancing sites do not allow these types of jobs to be posted. You might want to consider going to an essay writing site or you might want to consider renaming the project as an article or report rather than calling it a school essay.

  • Know Your Budget
  • Your job description should include the length of the project, the due date, and your budget. You should expect to pay at least between $1 and $5 for every 100 words depending on the amount of research you will need the freelancer to do for you.

  • Native Speaker Only or Not
  • Another important consideration for your freelancing job is the ability of the writer you choose. There will be many writers who apply for your position, simply because there are writers all over the world who are looking for jobs. This makes it important for you to consider whether or not you want only native English speakers. If you want only native speakers, then you should be sure to include that in your job description, too. Once you have your description crafted, you can sit back and enjoy reading the proposals you get.

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