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Working as a Freelance Writer: How Does It Work?

In order to become a freelance writer, you should first realize that it’s not as light and easy as it may seem. It still requires what any job does like hard work, heavy discipline, management, selling skills, and working with people; only it expects all of these attributes from one person – you.

It’s best to be aware of the types of work that exist in this field to make informed decisions concerning employment.

According to some, there are two to six different kinds of freelance writing jobs. Others believe that there are as many as 30 types.

The basic, most distinctive types of writing jobs are the following:

  • Copywriting: Writing with the intent to market and advertise. This includes writing for small and big businesses. Works include press releases, white papers, commercial scripts for TV and radio, brochures, online cards, and sometimes even spam letters. This direction of work can be divided into several more subtypes, but it’s quite distinct on this level already.

  • Writing web content: This entails writing articles and pages to fill websites with. It is demanded by website owners who rely on a high amount of traffic. Some of them hire freelancers because it’s cheaper than the alternatives.

  • News writing and editing: This includes different types of professions such as news reporters, columnists for newspapers, magazine freelancers, and so on. This job can be exciting and fulfilling, but can also be tedious and full of routines. It only works for people who feel inclined towards this line of work.

  • Blogging: These types of writings can be done for various entities and institutions such as websites, newspapers, universities, think tanks, etc. Blogs are in abundance and the number is growing. Even so, there’s more and more demand for them constantly, since every site these days usually need their own blogs.

  • Creative writing: This type of freelance writing is unique since there’s usually less demand for it and it’s harder to impress the employer. However, many people do this kind of work if they feel comfortable with it. Plus, there’s always a chance of becoming a world famous writer one day.

  • Ghost writing: Ghost writing entails writing anything for other people and taking no credit for it. It’s quite common because many freelancers usually don’t place their names on their work and employers expect to take the credit. It could also entail writing books for other people if they don’t want to write it themselves. The clients can hire you to write for them while remaining the name author of the book.
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