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Freelance Grant Writing Jobs From Home - 10 Tips For Beginners

One of the most rewarding work from home jobs is becoming a freelance grant writer. It is a very profitable and rewarding career where you work with companies to obtain grants that they can use to finance their projects. It is important to be able to set yourself up correctly in this field to make sure that you are successful.

  1. Create a web site
  2. There are many programs that you can utilize to get the information that you need to create your own web site. Having a website listed on other correspondence will make you stand out from your competition which is very essential when you are a freelance writer because the client has so many other options to choose from.
  3. Join a freelance writing site
  4. There are freelance writing sites that you can join that will connect you directly with clients looking for grant writers.
  5. Create a profile
  6. You should take your time and create an effective profile on the freelance writing sites. It will work to attract clients.
  7. Develop a portfolio
  8. A portfolio is a collection of all of your best work. It will show case your talent to your possible clients. You will want to develop a collection of the many different types of papers that you have written so that if a client is looking for someone to write one of them they can read through an example. The portfolio should have a table of contents so the client can easily find what they are looking for.
  9. Network
  10. Let your friends and associates know what you do for a living. You never know when they may need a grant written and why would they want help from someone else.
  11. Advertise your services
  12. Make sure that you advertise your services.
  13. Create lasting relationships
  14. Work to build lasting relationships with your clients so they will go to you if they need work done in the future.
  15. Work to obtain long-term projects
  16. You should talk to clients that you do repeat business with to see if they want to work out a contract with them to do repeated work on a weekly basis.
  17. Take classes
  18. Take some classes to learn how to perfect your skills. There is so many ways to get better at your craft.
  19. Get certification
  20. You can get certified as a grant writer which will make you more marketable.
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