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How To Create An Outstanding Freelance Writer ResumeĀ 

A resume is your first impression to a potential employer. It highlights your best work and gives the client an idea of what he or she is working with. A messy or disorganized resume will leave the client with bad impression of you. I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to take a class in resume writing, and consider it one of my biggest strengths. Even if your skills are not 100% up to par, a well-written, properly constructed resume can make all the difference. I will start at the beginning of the resume and explain through it to the end.

  • Cover letter: The coverletter is not necessarily as important for freelance writers. You will be sending your resume or posting it where potential clients can see it regularly so no cover letter or a basic one that outlines what you are looking for in general will suffice. For jobs that ask specifically for a resume, do make a specific cover letter for that job. It will help show that you are serious.

  • Contact information: This should include your name, address, phone number, and email promptly displayed in the center of the page at the top. Your name should be the largest feature, but nor overpowering.

  • Objective statement: This should be a general statement about the type of work you are looking for. If you are sending your resume out, you can alter it to be more specific for the job

  • Education: What education do you have that will help you in this job. Include whatever degrees you have, even if they are not writing related, they might help you to get a job anyway. If you have taken specialty classes, you can add those there too. Make sure to include the start and end dates and the name and location of the institution you studied.

  • Work history/Experience: What have you done thus far? The name of the company, the dates you worked for them, what you did, and 1-3 bullet points about what you did for the job. This section is shorter than a regular resume because you will have more jobs on it than a regluar resume because it is not steady work. Long-term jobs should have longer descriptions.

  • Certificats/Awards: This section should include a chronological list of all of the certificates and awards you have received including the date, title of the award/cert., and where it is from. If it needs to be renewed at some point, include that as well.

  • Skills and Abilities: If you have something that you feel is absolutely important and must be included, but does not fit elsewhere you can include it here.
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