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Applying for Freelance Writer Jobs Online

Becoming a freelance writer seems like an easy way to make some money fast. However, if you want to be successful working from home you have to be smart about applying for freelance writer jobs online. One trick to making it as a writer online is creating a great proposal and pitch. You also need to have an appealing portfolio and resume that shows off your skills. Lastly, you also have to be a quick thinker and talented wordsmith if you really wish to succeed.

  • The Pitch
  • Most online writing jobs require a bit of competition. Employers will list their job and various freelancers will apply. So, how do you land a freelance writing gig?

    Well, you need to have a great proposal/pitch. Make sure that you write an original one for each job that you apply for. Be sure to proofread your proposal for grammar or spelling errors as well.

  • The Portfolio
  • When you first start out applying for freelance write jobs online you most likely won’t have much of a portfolio to work with. If you do not have any writing samples then you should take some time to write some up. Compose short writing pieces on the topics that you are interested in writing on. This will give you something to forward with your proposals and resumes when you apply.

  • Be A Talented Writer
  • Finally, and this is that many people miss- you need to be a talented writer. It isn’t the type of job that just anyone can do. Along with being creative and able to come up with new content, you also must be able to work quickly. If it takes you a long time to write a short article then you won’t make money as a freelance writer online. Basically, you need to be technically skilled at writing, fast at typing, and clever enough to come up with original content on the spot.

    Freelance writing online is a job that appeals to many but very few can make a living at it. If you are still convinced that you want to write online then you need to start refining your pitch and putting together a portfolio now. Make sure that you practice your writing skills in the meantime because they can only get better! Then, when you are ready you can start applying for freelance writing jobs online.

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