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Freelance Writers For Hire: Where To Go If You Need Money Now

If you are starting in the line of freelance work it can be difficult to know exactly what your pricing should be. Many people struggle with initially pricing their work and as a result they spend the first few months or first few years being significantly underpaid by those who hire them and their services. This is a result of there not being a regulatory agency for the pricing and payments in this industry. Making it worse is the fact that the two main freelance sites have opened themselves up to international writing pools which means that new English writers must compete directly with those desperate third language learners who are trying to earn money for their families and can provide content for just one dollar. It can be quite challenging to know what a decent wage is especially when potential clients will try and negotiate with you the same price they pay a second or third language writer from Pakistan.

Pricing can be per hour or per page. Many people who hire those in the writing industry will pay per word or per page. They will often ask you to list your rate per word or per page. Now those writers who have previously submitted content to high end magazines or newspapers will think themselves worthy of the same rate in the online community but unfortunately it does not work that way. It will not end in success. The reason being that many clients in the online community are not looking to hire a writer a la The New Yorker for fifty dollars per word. They are only looking to hire a decent writer who can increase traffic to their website and are only looking to pay a cheap rate.

You must be responsible for determining what you think your services are worth given your qualifications and your speed. You must also take into account whether you care more about sticking to your guns and maybe only getting work once per three months at a rate of fifty dollars per word or being reasonable and getting steady and easy work every week at one dollar per fifty words. It is entirely up to you how much you want to work and how far you are willing to negotiate. If you are considering a per page rate it might be best to convert it into an hourly wage for your point of reference. Does a 500 word article take you one hour to write because of the extra detail you put into it? If so then you can charge about $20 for it. But if it takes you one hour because you are a slow typist the client should not have to pay for that. If instead it takes you one hour to complete three moderate articles of 500 words you might be able to charge $5 per 500 words and still end up making close to $20 per hour. It is up to you.

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