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How to avoid scam when applying for freelance writing jobs

It is a sad fact of life that there are people in business who look to make a quick buck and will do so using whatever means possible. If that means operating a scam and cheating someone, then so be it. No form or component of business is exempt from this type of behaviour. Freelance writing jobs for into that category.

One of the best ways to avoid a scam is to look for a middleman, to look for an agency which operates between a freelance writer and the person requiring the material. You can of course deal direct with an employer and if that person is trustworthy than everyone can win. But the beauty of having an agency or third person involved in any transaction is that the chance of a scam taking place is greatly reduced. There will always be a possibility of something going wrong but you can reduce this possibility to a tiny percentage amount. Take time to protect your own interests.

Use of the agency as your defence

The reputable agents operating freelance writing jobs will have what is known as a trust account or escrow account. This is the same type of financial operation which happens with real estate agents and solicitors. Money which is to be transferred from one party to another is held by a third party and will not be distributed until both parties are satisfied.

As a freelance writer you should not undertake a task until the agreed fee has been placed into this trust account. Then, provided you complete the task in terms of quality and time, you are more than likely to receive the agreed fee.

Always refuse to undertake work with a person who does not place the payment in a trust account beforehand. It is too much of a risk. Particularly so because many freelance writing jobs take place between people who were not just not in the same suburb or city or state, but often not in the same country or even the same continent.

Every freelance writer needs to be aware of their rights. Going online and looking at writing blogs and particularly those relevant to freelance writers can certainly be an eye-opener. The old adage that ‘let the buyer beware’ most certainly applies. Keep yourself informed about scams and avoid them at all costs.

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