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Keeping a Freelance Writer’s Blog: An Important Part of Your Career

Today, breaking into the world of freelancing is very challenging. Think of all the freelance writers with years of experience and portfolios full of beautiful writing samples already online as blogs, not to mention the fact that they already have great references.

Freelancers often know how to design websites as well and a lot about HTML coding, which you’ll need to know something about as well.

While writing blogs for others, you need to invest some time into developing your own blog as well. It’s a good way to showcase your writing skill and attract clients.

  • How to Get Higher Visibility
  • In order to get high Google rankings amongst all the other freelance bloggers out there, try to think of a niche topic that hasn’t already been done to death. Or find an angle into a topic that has been done to death that is unusual and interesting.

    Or find topics perused a lot by web search engines (there are tools for this) and tack your own tag line onto it. The Best Blogs on the Web: And How I Plan to Write One—for example—will capture that market looking for the best blogs out there.

  • Freelance Blogs Can Help Get You Ebook Deals
  • Let’s say you’re blogging about crafts—a hot niche area always—if it’s well written enough and you link it to a Twitter account with lots of followers, you could launch an eBook and announce it immediately, making lots of sales!

  • Get Asked to Guest Blog on Other Blogs
  • If your blog is well written, chances are you’ll be asked to guest blog on other blogs. This move can gain you even more visibility and more clients as well. Not to mention what it does for your writing reputation.

  • Charge Higher Rates
  • A freelance blog will not only showcase your talents, it will also get you the kinds of gigs you want – ones which pay higher and that you enjoy. This is why writing about your favorite topic is a good way to go – once other craft aficionados, for example, see you’re a freelancer, this can lead to more writing about crafts blogs.

  • Write About What You Love and Success Will Follow
  • When I was vacillating between the math major for money or English major for love, my professor told me, “do what you love and success will follow.” I cannot offer you better advice for blogging as well. A blogger who loves their topic is a good thing to read. So whether you’re writing about dogs, crafts, books, or the craft of writing, blog about what you love! Success will come, I promise!

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