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Use Freelance Writing Jobs Online Free for Getting Experience

The world of work is a funny world, one which operates around an annoying catch 22: you can’t get work without experience, and you can’t get experience without work. So, if you are considering a job as an editor and freelance writer, it can be pretty hard to get those first few jobs under your belt. Thankfully, in the modern world, there are many online companies that make it easy for new writers to connect with clients. So, how can you go about gaining the best experience as a freelancer by using writing jobs online?

  • Be Reasonable
  • When you are first applying for online writing jobs, the chances are that you will have recently completed a course of education, or will have a long work experience. You may feel that this entitles you to a high fee, to immediate success. This is wrong. Freelance writing is competitive, and you need to start by offering to work for reasonable fees to build a reputation.

  • Be Flexible
  • Do not accept jobs that you cannot do, and which you do not have the skills for, but do try to be as flexible as possible, in order to secure those first roles. This means flexible on time, deadlines, fees, and kinds of work. You may feel that editing and proofreading are your strength, but you need to try writing jobs too, to get an accurate idea of your strengths.

  • Be Good
  • Simply, do a good job, do the best possible job, on any role that you are given. Reputation and repeat work are everything in the world of online freelance writing. So, remember that the client is the boss, and give them what they have paid for, and if possible, a little more.

  • Get Feedback
  • Always get client feedback, this will help you to secure new roles because the new client will be able to see that you consistently provide a good service. There is no substitute for word of mouth.

  • Accept and Act on Criticism
  • If feedback is not good, then accept it and act on it. Always tell the client, when you submit work, that you will make any further changes that they require, so that they can contact you if they are not 100% satisfied.

By doing these thing you can gain valuable experience in the world of freelance writing. Most importantly, do the best job that you possibly can; if you accept a role, do it!

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