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Recommendations On Composing An Appealing Freelance Writer’s Profile

Each year, more and more people leave their regular day jobs to start a life as freelance writers. This means that each year, there is a lot more competition. If you’re someone who is starting out in this profession then it’s important you compose an excellent profile that sets you apart from other writers. Here are a few recommendations for creating a truly appealing one:

  • Creating a Great Opening Headline
  • Your opening headline will be the very first thing clients see. You’re limited in characters so you have to keep it short and direct to the point. Experts agree that you should try to include a maximum of three key pieces of information for your clients: 1) Your position; 2) Your Years of Experience; and 3) Your Specialty.

  • Uploading a Picture that Says “Professional”
  • You’ve heard the saying “A Picture Tells a Thousand Words”; well this is absolutely true when it comes to uploading a profile picture that you want to attract clients. Don’t be humorous unless that is the personality you want to present. Don’t be too serious if you want to work writing humorous cartoons. There is a clear different between the two, and it’s your responsibility to know where you stand.

  • Explain Your Experience and Qualifications
  • Your clients don’t want to read long pieces of text that provide your life story. Get right to the point and start with why you are qualified in your field. Follow this with your direct experience. If you want to provide technical content then list your experience in that field, not the time you spent in a college creative writing course.

  • Describe Your Academic Background
  • Most prospective clients want to know about your formal education and training within the field you specialize. Start with any academic credentials then immediately supplement this with your related former training. For writing, you should list writing courses, seminars, workshops, etc. that you have taken in addition to your academic experience.

  • Provide Your Contact Information
  • Don’t forget to include your contact information. Clients want to know if you are available by phone and email, or just one of the two. They also want to know what your availability will be so indicate hours of response if you are looking towards working within a specific schedule.

  • Upload Samples and Post References
  • Lastly, be sure to upload samples of past work to your portfolio or at least provide links to material if it appears on another site. If you receive references from past clients make those available for clients to review. The more descriptive and relevant they are the better your chances of winning new clients will be.

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