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How to be a freelance writer: using someone else's experience

There are many ways to show the skills as a freelance writer. One of the strongest ways is to write someone else’s story. Yes using someone else’s experience can actually help one become a stronger writer. It can also one more visible. So how can this be done? There are some ways to do this.

  1. Ghost writing
  2. Create a journal on someone
  3. Write an article on someone who has done something
  4. Write a Biography
  • Ghost writing
  • One of the easiest ways is to become a ghost writer. There are many people out there that have a story they want to tell. Their experience as a writer is not that great, but their stories are. In helping them, one can learn new ideas on how to word things and how others think. This will all have effects on the ghost writer later one in their other workings. Literally this is building the freelancer’s tool box with new ideas and tools to use later.

  • Create a journal on someone
  • How many people has everyone met that have been major parts of their lives? Create a journal on them. Not so much for publishing, but to work on the skills a freelancer needs. Maybe one day it will become a publishable piece. But for now don’t think of that, think more on how things can be said, worded, and covered. The more the writer improves themselves, the better of a freelancer they will become. Look at this as a training exercise more than a publishable work.

  • Write an article on someone
  • Every so often a person is seen that has done something great, yet no one ever covers them. No movies, no media coverage, they do it, and it becomes hidden history. If the struggling or experienced freelancer sees this, write an article and take it to the newspaper. Or send it in to a magazine. Get this person seen, and in the process, develop the writer’s skills more so.

  • Write a Biography
  • Again with the person that has done something special or remarkable, but not covered. On this idea, write the person’s biography. Get it down, and show what made the person the way they have become. There are always clues to why people do things, even when they do not know themselves. It is the biographer’s task to find it. In doing so, the biographer, freelancer, develops skills that will come in handy later on. The thing is, in freelancing, the freelancer never knows what the next job will require until it comes. The more skills and tools, the better.

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