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Is Freelance Writing A Well-Paid Job?

Like any job, freelance writing can be a well paying job, and one that allows you far more flexibility than many other professions. That said, you will have to push yourself harder if you want to be awarded better paying assignments, and find new clients. When you work as a freelance writer, you are the boss.

There is no one to push you to improve, or to demand better results. And the world of freelance writing can be just as competitive (if not more so) when compared to other jobs. If you want more assignments, more money and better working conditions, then you will have to motivate yourself to go out and find them.

There is also no “seniority” system whereby you will automatically be promoted or receive increased compensation should you stick it out longer than your peers! Unless you arrange it for yourself, there is no dental or extended health insurance package, nor any “sick days” (paid or otherwise!)

Where To Start Your Freelance Career

There are many free online sites that help connect freelancers with clients who need projects completed. A freelance writer (or anyone) can sign up for a basic registration which allows them to browse available job postings. You have the opportunity to build a profile and to create an online portfolio of your previous work on most sites.

For a monthly fee, you can upgrade so that you can access more sophisticated features available on the site. These might include more detailed information about jobs, clients and other freelancers. Also, you are able to bid for more projects. Usually a basic free registration will let you apply for a limited number of assignments. With an upgraded package you can respond to more job offerings.

Online freelance writing sites also offer clients the chance to search through available writers, and send a proposal directly to a freelancer that catches their eye. Or the client may post a project and allow any freelancer to place a bid. She or he can then select the writer and the bid that is the most attractive.

How To Give Yourself A Raise

You may have to accept many low-paying jobs before you have a diversified enough portfolio to attract more lucrative propositions. You can begin to contact magazines, newspapers and trade publications to see if they would be interested in your ideas. This is known as “pitching”.

One of the keys to putting together a successful pitch is to be sure that you are familiar with the publication's content, previous issues and audience. It can take time to break in to the magazine market, but you will find there is more money to be made there!

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