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How to detect the best jobs for freelance writers online

This is much easier said than done. For anyone interested in being a freelance writer and working online, the reality is that there a huge number of jobs and some of them are much better than others. If you are particular, if you are not desperate for work and are prepared to wait simply for the type of work you really want to do, then you have a difficult task. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

It depends on which particular agency you work through but in most cases the agency will ask you in advance when you first join to list your preferences and the tasks you wish to tackle. Here you are able to stipulate the type of work you do and the rate of pay which you expect to receive.

The better quality agencies have better quality software and they will advise you when jobs relevant to your preferences become available. This is a huge saving in time and as you know in business, time is money. So every day it’s possible for you to receive electronic notification via your computer, tablet or other device that a particular job or jobs have become available.

Eliminating the wrong jobs

While your primary goal should be to find the best jobs, another task is that you learn how to eliminate the bad jobs. Of course you need to define what makes a job good or bad. But once you know that, the definition is possible by looking through a list of tasks to decide which is worth applying for and which is worth neglecting.

It's important to understand that you don't get paid to look for work. And so if you spend a considerable amount of time every week in job hunting, you actually spend time not getting paid. Therefore it's in your interests to know how to sort the good jobs from the bad.

One good guiding point will always be money. If the pay rate being offered is reasonable, then that is a good indication. On the other hand, a poor pay rate will steer you away from the task. Likewise the longevity of the employer. Not that this is a hard and fast rule but certainly an employer who has been offering work many times over many months or even years is likely to be the provider of some of the best jobs for freelance writers.

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