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Freelance Writer’s Guide: Looking For The Best Writing Job

Freelance writing is becoming a popular career choice for young writers starting out or for professionals who like the idea of setting their own schedules and working from wherever in the world they would like. Freelance writing is fun and liberating, but it can also be troublesome for anyone who is just starting out. Here are some things to do to find the best writing job for you:

  • Build an Online Freelance Writing Profile:
  • The best way to find great freelance writing jobs is to first build a high-quality profile that sells. Having a page to direct your potential clients affords you the opportunity to post a portfolio, add details about your services, and present any recommendations you have from past clients. Many freelance sites allow you to create profiles at little to no cost and the benefits are well worth the few minutes it will take to build even a basic one.

  • Identify Your Skills and Search for Specific Keywords:
  • Great writing jobs can be found by first taking a hard look at your strengths and weaknesses and finding specific keywords that apply to your skills. For instance, some people are great at writing short blogs about gardening, while other writers are gifted in writing college essays for students whose English speaking and writing is limited. Identify your strengths and commit to a search using specific keywords; doing so will bring up dozens of opportunities you immediately qualify for.

  • Join Online Writer’s Groups and Forums:
  • Joining an online writer’s group or forum is an excellent way to find great writing opportunities as well as network with other writers who can lead you to projects or clients. Being a part of a larger writing community also lets you do some research on potential jobs or clients more easily, since you are likely to connect with others who have previous experience in just that type of writing or working on similar projects.

  • Broaden Your Horizons:
  • Lastly, in order to find the best freelance writing jobs one needs to improve skills and expand into new areas of writing. The wider the writing expertise you can sell the more likely you will be to attract a wider client base. Not only will you have the pick of the litter when it comes to projects but you’ll also be able to set your own prices and be able to negotiate for more reasonable deadlines.

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