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Online Article Writing Jobs: Do They Pay Well?

For a long time writers have been turning to the internet to find reliable and well-paying writing assignments. But for many who are barely getting into this writing niche there is a genuine concern about whether or not online article writing jobs pay well. The answer isn’t a simple YES or No, as it depends on a number of factors. Here are some things you should know about online article writing jobs and whether they pay well enough to make ends meet.

  • How much writing are you doing?
  • One of the questions you should always consider before diving head first into a freelance writing job is how much writing you expect to do. This isn’t a question of whether or not you have a good work ethic or can write 1000 words a minute; it’s a genuine question about how much writing you expect to do. Some projects may require you to write thousands of words while others want you to do just a few hundred. Anticipating your limits will help determine whether a job is worthwhile. It’s easy to say you will write a short young adult novel before you realize that it could mean writing upwards of 30,000 words.

  • How long does it take you to write?
  • Deadlines are dreadful but are a reality to a writer’s life. Some projects will be easier to complete than others, but you should have a clear grasp of how long it takes you to complete your assignments in order to get an assessment of whether or not it’s worthwhile. Before embarking on a an online article writing project you should consider the time you will need to commit to research, drafting, revising, proofreading and editing. If the pay doesn’t warrant the time you expect to complete each of these vital stages then perhaps the writing job isn’t worth your time.

  • Do you know your client?
  • When you consider working for an employer you are likely to find out as much as you can about their business dealings. This can mean finding about their communication habits, expectations, goals and pay. The same can be true about writers securing online writing jobs. One should always find out a little about their client. Reputation is paramount in the online work community, so be sure to take some time to find out about your client. Too many times freelance writers encounter clients who default on their payments or can’t agree to pay anything above an agreed upon rate. Do your due diligence and learn what you can about your potential client.

  • Do you know the subject well?
  • If you need to spend hours doing new research on a subject you are writing about, chances are you aren’t getting paid enough for that project. Though research is expected when online article assignments are awarded, most clients don’t expect to pay for whatever time it takes you to complete it. This means you should consider how long it will take you to learn the subject before you can produce a quality piece. If you have to write about astrophysics when you’re niche is gardening or home improvement, it’s likely you aren’t making nearly enough to write on the subject.

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