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Finding Fashion Freelance Writing Jobs Opportunities: Tips For Newbies

When you are a beginning in the freelancing world, you don’t have too many things to get help from. Of course, you can read tips on blogs but most of the time they do not apply on your situation. You just want to build your own career and to spend time writing about fashion. Since it is a big industry, it should not be a problem to find a job even if you are a beginner. Here are some good tips:

  • Get a good picture. Since you want to write about fashion, you need to show that you have knowledge in this area. Most of the writers will put a classic, professional picture but you need to look like a very fashionable person. Attach the picture to your profile and make sure that you look like a happy, open person ready to conquer the world. No one will hire you to write about fashion if you wear a plain shirt and you don’t smile. To build a great profile, get help from this company.
  • Write some samples. This is the most important thing that you have to do. In this way you will show to others that you can really write, and you can do it in a professional way. Make sure that your samples are completely correct, without any mistake.
  • Send e-mails to magazines. For sure you read some online magazines, so why not try your luck with them? Who knows, maybe they will like you and ask you to work for them. Tell them some things about yourself, include some nice pictures and attach some of the samples that you wrote. After a while you will receive at least a positive answer.
  • Start a fashion blog. In order to get hired, you have to get your name out there. People have to know you and understand that you know more about fashion than them. Instead of waiting for a client to find you and give you work, you have to start your own blog and write articles. Eventually, people will hear about you and they will want you to write for their website. Make sure that you mention on your blog that you can write articles for other websites, depending on the topic and the theme. If you are lucky, after a few weeks the first clients will show up.
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